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Working JSX Tag Comments in Sublime

I couldn’t find working JSX tag comments for Sublime Text 3. So I made a little Sublime package that handles it.

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Ooh, Nice Font!

I’ve been studying React and drooling over the font Dan Abramov and Wes Bos are using in their demos. It’s regular monospaced for most of your code, but the comments are script. Wow. You can get it here: Operator Mono But it’s $199 at the lowest price. I’m not a designer, so ~$200 is too expensive for me.

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The Best Tech Stack Ever

—Meteor— Why did I choose Meteor: Naive Reasons: Easy to set up, has all the boilerplate for a Full Stack JS Engineer: built in task runner, server, compilers and preprocessors Real-time reactivity is baked in.

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Using Yarn with Meteor

Yarn’s the npm with a memory; and Meteor is the JavaScript, reactive, database everywhere, platform of your dreams. Too bad they didn’t ‘just work’ together on Windows. Installing Yarn globally with the meteor install yarn -g command doesn’t add the meteor yarn command, as it does on other OS’s. If you use Yarn outside of

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Well whaddya know? A knew word! A mispelling, I think knot. The first time I had read this, while reading a React blog article, the author had misspelled the word ‘height’ in a block of CSS code, not more than 4 lines above, so I thought he’d also misspelled the word ‘memorize’.

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Farmer’s Market Locator

I made a farmer’s market locator using a RESTful api on the USDA’s database of United States based markets. Originally I made the app with hybrid HTML5 based code, but it proved to be to janky. I did some optimization to make the transitions work better, but ultimately wasn’t good enough. Although it would run

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Transition Plugin for Meteor.js

I’ve been experimenting with Meteor.js since it’s version 1.0 was released in Oct. 2014. While making hybrid app, I created a way to show page transitions based on the Velocity.js animation engine. It has a few basic built-in, full-page transitions, and you can use Velocity UI transitions, or custom Velocity transitions, too. Check it out

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“Check” Out My Chrome Extension

Do you ever have a lot of checkboxes that you have to check on the same page? I don’t have time for that! I made a Chrome extension to handle that for you. This is the first one that I’ve made, it is merely an exercise in creating Chrome extensions, nothing fancy. Pick it up

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Tablet Health Tracker

This project began as a basic extension to a award winning cloud-based health monitoring application. The features grew to include interactive reminders, a RESTful health and wellness survey feature, and a framework for Bluetooth health device interaction. been programming for the Android platform professionally for 2 years at AFrame Digital, creating and updating their tablet

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GMU’s Bioengineering website

I authored the department website for George Mason University’s Bioengineering department and have been supplying maintenance and new features since its inception. Most of the features and functionality on the site are written in PHP and jQuery.

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